Traditional arts and crafts combined with contemporary pictures is the trademark of the Luo Brothers. On wooden plates behind a shiny and smooth layer of clear varnish they combine traditional Chinese folk art with advertising motifs of today’s consumer society. During the past two decades, during which western consumer goods have invaded the Chinese living space, the Chinese have developed quite a sense for brand names, which not only resulted in brand name forging but also established new, western status symbols.

One important component of the mostly very colourful and shrill pictures is the repetition of  motifs, which are being held together through a designed symmetry, just like it is being done in totalitarian advertising. The Luo Brothers take their motifs from greeting cards and – posters for the Chinese New Year. These representations of wealth, often symbolized through chubby children, are combined in a collage with Chinese advertisements of western consumer goods. These pictures of a global consumer world are done in an impressive realistic water colour technique. The final clear layer stays for some kind of standardization,which shows
The superficiality of our global world.

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