Luo Quanmu

1965 - geboren in Jiangsu China
1990 - diplomiert von der Fine Arts School of Nanjing Normal University und lebt und arbeitet in Nanjing

Solo Ausstellungen

2011 - Maker – Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
2007 - Luo Quanmu 2000-2007, Aura Gallery, Shanghai, China
2001 - New Graphic Aura Gallery Shanghai , China

Ausgewählte Gruppen Ausstellungen

2010- Love and Punishments, Aura Gallery, Beijing ,China
  Months, Aura gallery, Beijing, China
  Art Taipei, mit der Aura Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
  Reshaping History,Chinaart from 2000-2009, Arario Gallery&Today Art Museum, Beijing ,China
  New Art Show, Dong Gallery, Beijing,China
2010- China. Real? - ArtChina Gallery, Hamburg, Deutschland
2009- Desire, Aura Gallery, Beijing, China
  The Fourth A+A, PIFO New Art Studios, Beijing , China
2008- Cassandra, Aura gallery, Beijing ,China
  Reflective Asia-3rd Nanjing Triennial, Nanjing, China
2007- Journey to the west, Kunstraum NOE (Niederösterreich), Wien
  Crazy, Aura Gallery, Shanghai, China
  Collecting Editions, Aura Gallery, Shanghai, China
2006- seventy years of brilliance -- ausgewähltes chinesisches Canvas Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum Nanjing
  "Art Beijing 2006" Beijing
  "Art Fair 2006" Melbourne "Jian Nan" RCM Art Museum Nanjing
  "Art Taipei 2006" Taipei
  "strong opinions" Aura Gallery Shanghai
2005- exhilaration Aura Gallery Shanghai
  Aura Gallery "rain" Aura Gallery Shanghai
2004- "no body's fool no body's hurt" Aura Gallery Shanghai
  "Traveling in spring" Aura Gallery Shanghai
  Die erste internationale chinesische Galerieausstellung Beijing
  "If you are collector" Aura Gallery Shanghai
  "Illusion" Aura Gallery, Shanghai
2003- "Shan Shui" Aura Gallery Shanghai
  zeitgenössisches chinesisches Werk Nanjing Museum
2002- "over the rainbow" Aura Gallery Shanghai
2001- "undo" Aura Gallery Shanghai
2000- "extra/ordinary" Aura Gallery Shanghai internationale
  Kommunikationsausstellung der zeitgenössisches chinesischen
  Kunst des Jiangsu Art Museum
1999- "Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition ---- foreign write style"
  Nanjing Normal University
1997- "the invitation of Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition"
  Hongkong Ausstellungskongresscenter
1995- "breakout-95 period modern art exhibition" Nanjing Art Institute
1994- "new face" Ausstellung der modernen Kunst Nanjing Art Institute
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