The Philosophy

Founded in 2007, ArtChina specializes in contemporary art from China. Our many collective and single-artist exhibitions spotlight the works of both up-and-coming and well-established professionals, thus providing audiences with an inside look at the diverse and thriving art scene that began to take shape in Post-Maoist China around 1979.
It is a nation that continues to follow communism’s doctrines, yet has been undeniably influenced by the consumerist ways of the Western World. How this unfolds on Chinese life, replete with the changes to society, is often documented in its art with a grain of salt and an ounce of levity. It is a process that involves a thorough examination of national identity and an art history that stretches back thousands of years, encompassing everything from age old traditions to government enforced Social Realism which lasted into the late 70s. The subject matter China’s contemporary artists hold dear – be it the role of individuality in socialist society, the effects of globalization or the clash of Western and Chinese cultures – are often expressed through a rich palette of rainbow colors and signal a willingness to embrace art from around the world, yet by no means assimilate to it.
Our gallery brings you face to face with work inspired by Pop Art yet interwoven with the threads of critique. Bridging such oppositions is the lifeblood of our gallery as attested to by our paintings and sculptures, limited edition prints and photography.

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