Zhong Biao

1968 - Geboren in Chongqing, China
1991 - Ausgebildet am Oil Painting Department of the National Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, China
  Mitarbeit als Professor an dem Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Solo Ausstellungen

2010- “For the Future - ZHONG BIAO,” Shanghai 2010, Z-art center, Shanghai, China
2009- “The Tendency of Events - Zhong Biao,” Yuz Art Museum, Jakarta, Indonesien
  “Revelation - Zhong Biao Solo Exhibition,” Shine Art Space, Shanghai, China
2007- “Cohesion,” Art Scene Warehouse, Shanghai, China
2007- “Beyond Painting –Zhong Biao,” Xin Dong Cheng,798 District Beijing, China
2007- “Zhong Biao: American Debut,” Frey Norris Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2007- “Splendid Over 10 Years of Exploration,” Olyvia Oriental Gallery, London, UK
2006- “Zhong Biao,” Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo, Japan
2006- “Chance Encounter,” Chinatoday Gallery, Brussels, Belgien
2004- “Ubiquity,” Art Scene Warehouse, Shanghai, China
2004- “Zhong Biao,” Benamou Gallery, Paris, Frankreich
2001- “A Chance Existence,” Art Scene China Gallery, Hong Kong, China
1997- “The Fable of Life,” Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong, China

Ausgewählte Gruppen Ausstellungen

2010- “East/West: Visually Speaking,” Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, FL
2010- “East/West: Visually Speaking,” Museum of China Cultural Arts, Beijing, China
2009- “Embrace!” Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO
2008- “Air From Last Millennium,” dARTex, Beijing, China
2008- “Chinese Fantasies,” Found Museum, Beijing, China
2008- “Hypallage,” The OCT Art and Design Gallery, Shenzhen, China
2008- “Today's China,” Belvue Museum, Brussels, Belgium
2008- “China...Forward!,” Tsum Department Store in Moscow, Russland
2008- 55 Days in Valencia: Chinese Art Meeting, Instituto de Arte Moderno , Spanien
2008- “Semiosis,” China Square Gallery, New York, NY
2007- “China Now” Cobra Museum, Amstelveen, Amsterdam, Holland
2007- “Chinese Whispers – Osage Gallery, Hong Kong, China
2006- “Oriental Imagination,” National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
2005- “The Second Triennial of Chinese Art,” Nanjing Museum of Art, Nanjing, China
2005- “In the Deep of Reality –” UG Beyond City, Hangzhou, China
2005- “rounding Reality,” Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2004- “China' s Photographic Painting,” Art Seasons, Beijing, China
2002- “China Triennale Art Exposition,” Guangzhou Art Museum, Guangzhou, China
2001- “Nhext Generation – Contemporary Asian Art,” Passage de Retz, Paris, Francein2001
2000- “Chilis from Chongqing,” Kultur Bahnh of Kassel, Deutschland
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