Shen Jingdong

1965 - Geboren in Jiangsu Nanjing, China
1984 - Abschluss von der Nanjing Xiaozhuang Normal School
1991 - Abschluss vom Nanjing Institute of Arts
1991-2007 - Zwangsverpflichtet zu der Military Drama Troupe of Nanjing Military Area

Ausgewählte Solo Ausstellungen

2010 - The 2nd Exhibition “Everyone Could Be a Hero”, Yi Gallery, Exchange Square, Hong Kong
2008 - The Most Beloved People, Today Art Museum & New Millennium Gallery, Beijing, China
2008 - Heroes - ChinaSquare, New York
2007 - Making Heroes for ten years, Imagine Gallery, Beijing, China
  We Could Be Heroes – Shen Jingdong, Yan Gallery, Hong Kong
2006 - One painting exhibition, Beijing 88 Art Document Storehouse, China
  Image of Hero, Beijing Millennium Time Gallery, China

Ausgewählte Gruppen Ausstellungen

2009 - Trust - Contemporary Artists’ Group Exhibition, Star Factory Art Center, Beijing, China
2009 - Hero ,Volta Art Fair, New York, USA
2009 - Strength of Practice - the 3rd Documental Contemporary Chinese Prints, Nanjing Museum,China
2009 - Visual Presentation of Identity, Shanghai Dolan Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China
2008 - Images in Motion, ArtChina Gallery, Hamburg
2008 - Shen Jingdong, Liu Fei, Zhang Hui, ArtChina Gallery, Hamburg, Deutschland
2007 - Progressive Action, Beijing Millennium Time Gallery, China
  The Fourth China International Art Gallery expo, Beijing National Trade Center, China
2006 - Wuji, Beijing 88 Art Document Storehouse, China
  Ash and Red – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing Xinrui Art Plan, China
  The Third China International Art Gallery Expo, Beijing National Trade Center, China
  Under the Rainbow – Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition, South Korea
2005 - The Second China International Art Gallery expo, Beijing National Trade Center, China
  The Second Dashanzi Art Festival, Beijing 798, China
  Look Forward, Walk Together Contemporary Four Soldier Beijing Jiang Art Center, China
  On the One is Cloud, and On the Other Hand is Rain, 1st Songzhuang Exhibition, Beijing, China
2004 - 30th Anniversary Exhibition of Jiangsu Painting Magazine, Nanjing Institute of Museum, China An
  UN World Peace Art Exhibition, South Korea
2003 - " Shadow" Art Exhibition, Kunming Art Storehouse, China
  The Measure of Pupil Distance – Kinescope Works Exhibition, Shenzhen, China
  Are you Familiar – Modern Oil Painting Exhibition, Nanjing Shenghua Shenghua Art Center, China
  "100 Artists Tell Their Own Stories" Activity, Nanjing Banpo Bar, China
2002 - " Open Platform" Third International Behavior Art Festival, Xi'an, China
  Daydream – China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nanjing Institute of Museum, China
2001 - China Behavior Photography Exhibition, Italian Asian-Pacific Contemporary Art Document Museum
  Second Asian-Pacific Contemporary Art Exhibition, Genoa National Modern Art Gallery, Italy
  China Plan – Circumrotating 360℃, Shanghai Haishangshan Art Gallery, China
2000 - " Sea Level" Concept Photography Exhibition, Xiamen, China
1999 - " Today’s Environment and Arts" Exhibition, Shanghai Modern Fine Arts Museum, China
1997 - Inviting Exhibition of China Contemporary Art Works, Hong Kong Exhibition Center
  The Second Round Exhibition of "Borderline Vision", Beijing Contemporary Fine Arts Museum, China
1996 - The Frst Round Exhibition of" Borderline Vision", Nanjing Jiangsu Art Gallery, China
1995 - " 95period -Breakthrough" Exhibition, Commemoration Exhibition of 20th Anniversary of Jiangsu 1994 " New Face" Art exhibition, Exhibition Hall of Nanjing Institute of Arts,China
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