Zhang Xiaogang

1958- Geboren in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China
1982- Abschluss an der Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts,Chongqing, Sichuan, China

Solo Ausstellungen

2009- “The Records”, PaceBeijing, Beijing, China
  “Zhang Xiaogang-Sole in Shadow”, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Austrialien
2008- “Chinese Painting-Zhang Xiaogang”, Galerie Rudofinum, Praha, Tschechien
  “Revision” ,Pace Wildenstein, New York, USA
2007- “Zhang Xiaogang”,Sara Hilden Art Museum, Tampere, Finland
2006- “Home——Zhang Xiaogang” Beijing Commune, Beijing China
  “Zhang Xiaogang Exhibition” The Art Centre Of Tokyo & Japan
  “Amnesia and memory” Artside Gallery Souel Korea.
2005- “Zhang Xiaogang 2005” Max Protetch New York
2004- “Umbilical cord of History Paintings by Zhang Xiaogang”
  Hong Kong Art Center, HongKong
2003- “Forget and Remember” Gallery of France. Paris Frankreich
2000- “Zhang Xiaogang 2000” Gallery of Max Protetch,New York. America
1999- “Les Camarades”, Gallery of France, Paris. Frankreich
1998- Bloodline:The Big Famliy-1998, Hanart Taibei Gallery,Taiwan
1997- “Bloodline:The Big Famliy-1997”, Gallery of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing,China
1989- Lost in Dreams, Gallery of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, ChongQing, China

Ausgewählte Gruppen Ausstellungen

2010- China. Real? - ArtChina Gallery, Hamburg, Deutschland
2009- “19 Games-A Chinese Comtempary Art Exhibition”,T Art Centre,Beijing, China
  “A Gift to Marco Polo”, Venice International University,Venice, Italien
  “INAMANIA”,Arken Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen, Dänemark
2008- “Waiting on the wall: Chinese New Realism and Avant-Garde in Eighties and Nineties ”,Groninger Museum,Groninger, Niederlande
  “AVANT-GARDE CHINA:Twenty Years of Chinese Contemporary”, Roppongi,Minato-ku,Tokyo
  “ Facing Reality,National Art Museum of China”, Modern Kunst Stiftung Ludwing Wien
2007- “China-Facing Reality”, Museum Modern Kunst Stiftung Ludwing Wien, Wien, Österreich
  “Society Art” , The State Tretyakor Gallery, Moscow, Russia
  “From Southeas t”, Guangdong Museum of Fine Art, Guangzhou, China
  “Black White Gray”, Today Art Museum, Beijing,China
2006- “China Now” SAMMLUNG ESSL Museum , Wien, Österreich
  “Plato and His Seven Spirits” OCT Contemporary Art Center, ShenZhen, China
  “Reinventing Books In Chinese Contemporary Art” China Institute Gallery, New York , U.S.A
  “Dark Side Society” New York, U.S.A.
2005- “Take Off-An Exhibition of the Contemporary Art Collection” He Xiangning Art Museum and Contemporary Art Terminal
2004- “Shanghai Biennial” Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China.
  “China, the body everywhere?” Museum of contemporary Art, Marseilles, Marseilles, Frankreich
  “ Three Worlds” Shang Hai Gallery of Art, Three on The Bund
2003 -“ From China with Art”, Indonesian ,National Gallery Jakarta,Indonesien
  “The East Daybreak- Chinese Painting One Hundred Years”, Africa Museum , Paris, Frankreich
2002- “ 14 Chinese artist /Made by Chinese” Enrico Navarra Gallery ,Paris, Frankreich
  “BABEL 2002”,National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul , Korea.
  “The first TRIENNIAL of Chinese Arts”,Guangzhou Museum, China
  “TRIENNIAL of Guangzhou”, GuangDong Art Museum, China
  “Image is Power” He XiangNing Art Museum, GuangDong China
2001- “Towards a New lmage- Twenty Years of Contemporary
  Chinese Art” National Art Museum, Beijing.;Shanghai
  Art Museum ;Sichuan Art Museum;Guangdong Art Museum ,China.
  “ Hot Pot -Artist Center of Oslo Norway ,Is me, Is us Gallery De France, Paris
  “The III Mercosul Bienal” Porto Alegre Brasilien
2000- “Man+SPACE,Kwangju Biennale 2000”,Kwangju Korea
  “ Messengers of the Hearth”, Center of Contemporary Art of the LycEe Xavier Bernard in RouillE, Frankreich
  “Portraits De China Contemporaine”, Espace Culturel Francois Mitterrand, Frankreich
  “Contemporary art of China” Picaardie Museum Amiens,Frankreich
1999- “Faces”, Masion de la Culture de la Province de
  NAMUR ,De Taeye and Ruth Francken) Belgien
  “ Inside Out:New Chinese Art” Aissa Society and
  P.S.I.Contemporary Art Center,New York; Modern
  Art Museum of San Francisco.
1998- “China New Art”, Helsinki Art Museum, Helsinki, Finnland.
  “ Magritte and Contemporary Art”, Dostende Contemporary Art Museum, Belgien
1997- “China New Art”, Lisbon Museum of Art, Portugal.
  The Face and Bodies from Middle Kingdom, Prague Art Museum, Prag, Tschechien
  “Quotation Marks”,Chinese Contemporary Paintions,
  Modern Art Museum, Singapur
1996- “China !” Zeitgenossische Malerei, Kunstmuseum, Bonn, Deutschland
  “ 2nd Aisa Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art”,
  Queensland Art Museum, Australien
1995- “46th Venice Biennia”l, Venedig
  Des del Pais del cemter
  Aantguarde Artisiques Xineses,
  Santa Monica Art Center, Barcelona, Spanien
1994- “Chinese Conteporary Art at Sao Paulo”, 22nd International Biennial of Sao Paulo, Brasilien
1989- “China Avant- Garde”, China National Museum of Fine Arts,Beijing, China.
1988- “Art From Southeast of China”, Chengdu
1987- “Modern Art of China”, National Art Museum of China,Beijiing
1985- “New-Realism”, Shanghai & Nanjing
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