Mao Xuhui

1956 - Born in Chongqing, Sichuan, China

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2010 - Farewell to Mainstream - Mao Xuhui , Yan Huang Art Museum, Beijing, China
2009 - Transcending New Concreteness, Gallery Artside 2010
2008 - ROAD Mao Xuhui's Drawing Course 1973-2007, Red Bridge Gallery, Shanghai
2007 - Mao Xuhui: 30 Years An Artist, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong
2004 - Mao Xuhui: Scissors, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong
1999 - Scissors, Mao Xuhui”, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong
1997 - Dream of the Red Earth, Mao Xuhui, Soobin Art Gallery, Singapore
1989 - Mao Goes Pop, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia

Selected Group Exhibitions

2006 - Create History: Chinese Contemporary Art form the 80s of the 20th Century, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shenzhen
2006 - Academic State: Chinese Contemporary Artists Invitational Exhibition, Nanjing Museum, Nanjing
2005 - 2005 'Air of Destiny', Shenzhen Art Museum, Shenzhen, China
2004 - Yunnan Contemporary Art Exhibition, Museum of California State University, California, USA
2003 - From China with Art, Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
2002 - China--Korea Contemporary Painting Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
2002 - Dream 2001 Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, The Red Mansion Ltd, London, England
2002 - Made by China, Galerie Enrico Navarra, Paris, France
2000 - Tale of Two Cities-Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition, London, UK
1999 - 1999 Chinese Art Exhibition, LIMN Gallery, San Francisco, USA
1998 - Inside Out: New Chinese Art, Asia Society and P.S.1, Contemporary Art Center, New York, USA
1998 - China's New Art Exhibition at the Observation de Montreal, Artist-Run Exhibition Center Montreal, Canada
1998 - The First Collection Exhibition of Upriver Gallery, Chengdu, China
1997 - Quotation Marks: Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Painting, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
1997 - Red and Grey, Eight Avant-Garde Chinese Artists, Soobin Art Gallery and Tresors International Fine Art Fair For Asia, Singapore
1996 - Shared Dreams, Jamaica Center, New York, USA
1993 - China's New Art, Post-1989, Hong Kong Arts Center, Hong Kong
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