Artistís quote:
Fang was born in Yangjiang Guangdong in 1979 and graduated from Guangzhou Art Institute in 2004. His work is like a picture-story book. People can read and view it slowly and gradually, and from every symbol feel his thought about the questions faced by him in his growth or now. These completely new painting symbols carry some standpoints and ideas of the younger generation.

When I'm alone, I always think I must have another self in another place, quietly looking at me and quietly minding his work. I think this inside reality self is not my true self, so, in order to find and have fun with my other self, I often pick up a pen and start making a record of this other self. This is how a series of stories have come into being, though I don't know if my other self would allow me to do this. This is how things always take shape, between the thinkable and the unthinkable; things are always strange and unimaginable.

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